The Secret of (also) Talking to the Body Intelligence

 A process orientated, non invasive, non judgmental, personal talk that changes your life.





Hi everybody

My name is Mark - let me say a few words about me
and what I can do for you:

Skype name:  i_am_alkaro
Email:             iamalkaro@gmail.com


The 3 basic tools I use:


TIER (Traumatic Incident Erasing)

Deep PEAT +

No one would believe what one can 
achieve with these 3 completely different modalities. 

The combination is stunningly effective and reliable.

We solve any deep founded problem -
often in a single session.

(Which modality we use for what)


I am specially interested to get in contact with you if you are (or were) already working as a counselor/facilitator.

I am interested in sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

Try me out. Do you have people you can not help? Have you lost faith in your approach?

Would you like to rejuvenate your activity and be able to really help practically EVERYBODY FAST?

Let's talk together.



I am Swiss, 69 and live since 12 years
on the tropical island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

Since several decades I work with
During the last few years I have started
to give sessions over Skype and have helped many to overcome deep routed  life-problems.

I am not doing it for the money (also a small exchange must be) - and I am not doing it full time. (I work normally with only 2 to 3 persons at a time, giving
each of them a session or two a week).

The kind of problems I can help you with:

Basically all mental or emotional problems, psychosomatic problems,
decision-making-problems and motivational problems.  (More see here).

I help you to find out more about yourself
and getting new abilities if this is what you

You do not have to tell me your whole story !
You can - but you don't need to.
We can work without that.


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