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Problems and Bad Mood are 'ROOT HEALING Food'

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Would you like a fulfilling purposeful life, satisfying relationships and optimistic outlook for the future? - Root Healing is designed to accomplish all that and more.

 Why is ROOT HEALING good for this?

BECAUSE a relatively simple process with a ROOT HEALING Coach over Skype can significantly improve (usually resolve) almost any problem on the way:

sadness, mourning, no energy, indecision, breaks in relationships, a big loss, worries, anxiety, loneliness,  loss of confidence or self esteem, fears, abuse, guilt, addictions, procrastination, rejection, missing validation, inability to say 'no', no motivation, no discipline, instability, reoccurring money problems, no goal, any other stop in achieving my goal, or wondering who I really am....

It can even help with resolving psychosomatic illnesses.

And after a few sessions - you will know how to work alone with yourself if any new problem should come up.

See a larger list of problems I encountered and resolved:
:- 50 kinds of symptoms created through Energy Blockages


is a new way to work with people. It uses the Triune Brain model of Paul D. MacLean and incorporates insights from several well-known healing modalities, including Sedona Method, TIER for PTSD, RPT, ACE, and some  others (e.g. PEAT).

The method
has been thoroughly tested on more than 150 persons in the last 3 years. The clients' problems were fully handled in over 95% of all cases. In 3% of cases symptoms were significantly reduced. And 2% of clients didn't benefit from the process.

ROOT HEALING is the new healing modality of tomorrow.


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If you are in a hospital or a similar caring-place, in detention, or if you are just in real need of help, but have no money, you can ask me for some free sessions.

I give away a certain amount of free sessions over Skype every month.

Ask: mark.roothealing@gmail.com



If you are the person in charge for the education and rehabilitation of prisoners (or similar), get in contact with me. I can teach your people how to help each other!



If you want to help me to spread ROOT HEALING and work toward a real social change on this planet, contact me. If you qualify you will get a free, prof. ROOT HEALING training !

Video: Vaporizing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This is Tom Stone from Great Life Technologies

He uses an application of the the same basic technique we use in our ROOT HEALING process No2.

ROOT HEALING has 3 more, similar deep reaching and effective processes which are all done on any problem to make sure we get all of it on every level, so that it will never come back again in any form.

Look how simple - but deeply effective it is !




 That means:

Bye-bye problems - bye bye any excuse for not living your life to the full potential.

It is done from the privacy and comfort of your home - you need no pills, you feel no pain and you don't have to tell your private story.

And we work on a SUCCESS-ONLY BASIS : should you not get a significant improvement after the 3rd session - you get your money back. No questions asked. So you have no financial risk either.

How can a 'simple talk' have such a beneficial outcome and sometimes even heal a chronic disease?

Most people have never experienced something like this and wonder. (No, we do not use hypnotism!)

   Technical information: 'Why it works' and more . . .
Why it works



Resistance means Persistence

It is common knowledge that Energy Blockages  are the result of 'undigested' stress
(see also PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

These blockages are on the bottom of most mental or emotional problems and of a lot of sicknesses and diseases.




1) Your ROOT HEALING Coach is your guide into your subconscious.

Beginning to understand what is going on within you will be a great relief as things will start to make total sense.

To help you with this, your coach  needs to speak the language of the head (to undo its tricks and traps), the language of the heart (to clean out its dark corners and reconnect it) and the language of the body itself (to get the deepest charge to flow out.)

Coach helps you to loosen-  and free up the Blockages.

Once you can SEE and 'accept what is there' - and stop pushing against it - things will start to discharge.

Your coach will assist you with letting this 'charge' (= excess energy) DIRECTLY FLOW OUT THROUGH HIMSELF too.
He is trained to do so.

It will simply vanish.

Coach guides you to find and RESET the stuck Survival Instincts and Basic Cell Reaction Energies (Efforts).

With that your body will start to repair and heal itself.

At this stage - in most cases all the symptoms have vanished already. But in some cases the remaining, but very reduced symptoms will only vanish after the next level - which is always done in any case:

Coach helps you to clean out any remains of the 'Trapped Energy' which was the reason for the Blockages in the first place.

Directing you to 'a special place in time' and connecting you to the 'highest awareness-energy level there is', your coach will be able to help you to free any remains of the trapped energy.

Freeing the 'Trapped Energy' will ensure that everything is totally cleaned out and the condition will never return again.

ROOT HEALING we have 4 processes done on a problem:


The following is just to give you a taste of what we do. But it is also about HOW we do it - which is not explained here. So you
should not just go and try to treat yourself - you should experience a few sessions first - then you can do it on your own.

Process No 1

"Why is it good for you to have this problem?"
'What would you miss - if you wouldn't have this problem?"
Process No 2

"Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and tell me how your heart feels about this problem."
Process No 3

"If you would be a little animal,
a mouse or a lizard,
what would you do in this situation? (Fight? Run away
and hide? Freeze? )"
Process No 4

"Is this Trapped Energy yours - yes or no ? How old is it? Go to  a time before this energy ever existed. Are you willing
to let it go?"

We clean out the hidden 'explanations why' (justifications)  - which are holding the problem there.

We release the related EMOTIONS, feelings and body sensations in the whole body.

We release the EFFORTS -
by resetting wrongly activated Survival Instincts and Basic Cell Reactions (Fight, Flight, Freeze) back to neutral.

We actively help you to clean
out the remaining parts of the TRAPPED ENERGY which manifested in 1 to 3 before.

Read also:


- 50 kind of symptoms created through Energy  Blockages

- How your own mind tricks you

- What to do if you cannot talk about your problem


A chronic condition that has persisted for many years, is normally made out of a STRAND of similar, but different trapped energies. This often needs more than one session - to give the next Trapped Energy of the strand time to come up (2-3 days). But after every session the symptom will be again significantly reduced. The Trapped Energy will come off in layers and 4-5 sessions will get to the bottom of the worst chronic condition.

Limitations of the ROOT HEALING Technology:
ROOT HEALING is a very practical instrument to resolve all kind of PROBLEMS (mentally, emotional or energy-wise). But if a client can not see that he has any problem at all and can not or does not want to speak out (but is unhappy) - ROOT HEALING is the wrong approach. He needs more basic treatment, some of which can not be given over the Internet. We can work with these people only if they want to come to Langkawi. In practice these are only about 2% of people.

(People who are 'dis-associated' from their body and feelings and experience life in a body as being in a prison, also often need a different, direct personal approach.)


ROOT HEALING  is a new, very effective MULTILEVEL RELEASE RUNDOWN, freeing the blockages in your body, your energy-body, your emotional body and your mental body. It works. Always.



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