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Problems and Bad Mood are 'ROOT HEALING Food'

  Is this for real? - What others say:

Please be aware that you are very different.

Every person has his own individual set of energy blockages and his
own special symptoms.

Every person is unique.

That's why YOUR session will be different. It will be YOUR session
and perfect for YOU.







"I can not remember time when people did not make me feel very nervous. I have seen psychotherapists since I was very young, but never to be “cured”. I have always been told my “anxiety disorder” was either a genetic defect, or an inherent personality trait, to be “managed.” I have never been quite what I consider a fully functioning person because of this. I would describe myself as a “shut in”', difficult to hold down a job, make friends, or even buy something from the store. This, I have been told, is typical of “moderate” cases, like my own. Apparently there are thousands of people who suffer like that, or worse, for no apparent reason. And it cannot be cured. Only “managed”. When I met Mark for the first session, I had some prejudice, and I was not expecting much to happen.

After the last of my three sessions with Mark, I simply no longer fear “others” as foreign or separate beings. It is not that I can "manage my symptoms" better, or decrease the intensity of the feelings by "applying positive self talk or imagery" or some rubbish like that. It is simple that the tension and nervousness which I believed defined my character as individual, every day of my life is gone. Just gone. Gone as though it had been a very big misunderstanding, like a belief in the Easter Bunny, perhaps. This is remarkable to me, since I believed myself to be a constitutionally tense and disagreeable person all my life. I believe Root Coaching is the most truly effective healing I have ever experienced. There was an immediate improvement on my ability to control my mind after the first session, and the effects of each session accumulate, as deeper levels of a problem can be cleared off.

When the negative emotions regarding a problem “discharge”, that is exactly how it feels. All the tension I used to feel was like a strong electrical charge, and during the session it was allowed to flow out. I am now able to maintain an expanded awareness in situations where the emotional pain would have driven me deep inside my head, only a few weeks ago. It is difficult to describe the experience of a Root session, and I could not compare it to anything I have experienced before. Certainly it is not like a trip to the psychologist. It does not depend on the Root coach telling you something, nor does it depend on you believing anything you are told. It does not revolve around talking about the problem, theorizing about it, or solving it. It dissolves the problem. The result is a state of pure awareness about the basic nature of the issue, where the emotional charge and mental confusions sustaining the difficulty, simply come off. This state of understanding is direct and does not need to be explained once you have experienced it. I have spent many hours sitting in meditation to achieve a very temporary state half as deep, as what a single Root session brought me to. The effects are stable and continue to unfold themselves in the days and weeks following a session. The immediate relief, as well, is very profound. Root Coaching is excellent. Whatever the difficulty, I would recommend at least one session, as it must be experienced. No explanation or testimonial will do justice.

My only regret would be that I was not able to experience this much sooner. It would have been of tremendous benefit to my present self."


Dear All,

last Sunday I did my first session with Mark.

The body-related problem that we addressed has decreased a lot, but it will need some weeks to check if its causes has been fully handled.

The session has been amazing, with lots of charge dissolved and much awareness gained...

... what was left was the feeling that what happened was "natural" (I can't find a better word). It was as if my viewpoint on the incident was one from very high above...

The session allowed me to finally go through my birth (in particular my first cry) and opened my case to the moment the egg detached and also to incarnation.

I feel that what Mark is doing is really valuable: ... his work can really help in your journey.


Female: Switzerland

Hi Mark

Hatte vor, Dir gestern schon ein feedback auf unsere "Premiere" zu geben. Aber weisst Du was? Ich war wie im Koma und habe fast nur gepennt.

Heute bin ich wieder "funktionstüchtig" und möchte Dir schreiben, was da für ein seltsamer "afterglow" war.

Also ich habe nach der session noch schnell was erledigt und wollte noch ein paar Sachen tun. Aber - wow - ich bin sowas von müde und irgendwie halbwegs bewusstlos geworden (aber ohne Schwindelgefühl und schwarz vor den Augen), dass ich nur noch gepennt - und nicht jugendfrei geträumt habe - grins. Dann wurde ich mal wach und hatte einen Bäääärenhunger. Ich hätte einen halben Ochsen fressen können (was ich dann auch tat, ohne viel übrig zu lassen). Und dann wieder schlafen und schlafen. Sowas habe ich noch nie erlebt. Ich hab's aber einfach gemacht, ohne darüber nachzudenken. Wäre dazu auch gar nicht in der Lage gewesen. Und obwohl das sehr strange war, hat es sich nicht "verkehrt" angefühlt. Ich verstehe es zwar nicht, aber es hat sich "richtig" angefühlt.

Und heute, als ich aufstand, mein Zeug machte und zur Arbeit fuhr, da war alles ruhig. "Peace of Mind", das trifft es am besten.

Ach noch was. Ich verstehe jetzt, wie Du das meinst hinsichtlich charge und dass Du nur "hinter der charge her bist" ... Es ist so super, nicht nach Bedeutung zu gehen. Meine Rübe ist voll von Bedeutungen, ohne dass es was Wesentliches bringt. Und im processing sind die "stories" (Bedeutung) vielleicht spannend, dramatisch und weiss der Geier. Aber sie sind nicht dafür geeignet, irgendwas in Ordnung zu bringen. Nach der session mit Dir würde ich sogar sagen, dass selbst eine Erkenntnis, die man aus der Bedeutung oder dem Inhalt eines incidents zieht, nicht wirklich was bewirkt im Sinne von "case erase". Ich musste ja noch nicht mal einen incident erzählen. Aaach wie schön. Nur die Gefühle. Das ist erstaunlich. Und das Seltsame ist, dass ich "Peace of Mind" fühlte (und noch fühle), ohne, dass wir mit Mind-Inhalten gearbeitet haben.

Liebe Grüsse und nochmals vielen Dank!


A session with a woman who had been born with only one hand

This woman has been born with only one hand.
She had no actual problem - but I nevertheless suggested at one point to take this up. She said, she wouldn't have thought about that, but was willing to go along.

We found quite a few secondary gains – and there was some laughter, when she said: "It helps me not to be bothered by men"…

We then took up the emotions.
We had to go through quite a few emotions until `fear' came up, the fear to lose the good arm and then to be helpless and perhaps die.

There was no sadness coming up.

So I told her to hold the stump of the missing hand with her right hand and feel the feeling. And the sadness came. Very strong.
She then said, that the sadness was in her arm stump – and I asked her to ask her arm stump why it was sad.
"Because it cannot help me"….. (I knew this answer before, that's why I told her to ask).
A lot to discharge here.
Then I asked her to feel the sadness of her parents, in re to the fact that she has only one hand – and there was a huge amount of charge there – which did bleed out.
We then also had a lot to discharge on the anxiety that she had all the time to be in a strategic battle to make everything work with one hand and to be able to have her one hand free to defend herself when needed. She said, that this was very profound, but she hadn't be aware if it at all.
So we got all the feelings.

I then checked the R-Complex – and we looked how a little animal would behave, if it was born with only one hand. And we came to the conclusion, it would not care.
She said: 'it's wurst' – and laughed a lot.

Then we looked at which Cellular Brain Response was activated in regard to that – and it was obviously the `FIND" – which had quite some charge on it.

It felt like a very good action.


An interesting session

The client had had a sport accident – he had been hit on his nose and he went unconscious.
The accident happened many decades ago - and he forgot about it – but a few years ago it came back and has bothered him a lot since then.
We did some Root Coaching and got a lot of 2ndary gains.
Then we went to the feelings connected, same thing: a lot of feelings, a lot of charge did bleed out.
Then the feeling of ‘being trapped’ came up.
We were discharging this ‘gut-feeling’ – when the client said: “I really feel trapped in this body…”
HO, HO, HO - STOP – RED LIGHT: the client was not running the body-line, he was running the spirit line!
How can a body feel trapped in a body?
How can we switch off the body’s wrongly, permanently triggered ‘instinct-energy’ when we process the spirit?
This does not work.
So I firmly redirected the client and asked him to feel not how he felt, but how the body felt.
And of course the body felt STOP (being hit unconscious….) . It did stop anything not directly related to survival, which is FREEZE on the Cellular Response level.
We discharged this – a lot of charge on it – and then the client said: “I have the feeling my body (this region) did never wake up again from this blow”,
We went back to the somatic, which did bleed out, then a somatic on the skull, on the neck, on the shoulders, etc. came up, and several somatics as the body did wake up again in this area. And we did bleed off all these somatics and at the end had all somatics gone, and no pain anymore.
The session lasted a bit more than 3 hours (which is very long for ROOT COACHING) – and the client was practically line charging (laughing and blowing charge) all the time.
So: there can be A LOT OF CHARGE and you have to take the time it needs.
But then you have REALLY done something for the client.


This week I had two sessions with Mark.

I have a lot of experience with processing, but it seems to me that, so far, I most of the time ran the “spirit point of view” in processing, and did everything I could to avoid the “body point of view” whenever that was possible.

I was generally interested in spiritual, and had an approach that I don’t want to waste my time to body related stuff. This, plus my pretty lousy treatment of the body, like smoking, drinking, junk food, not enough sleep, started to have consequences during the last year. I am 40 now. Well, I quit these unhealthy habits, but I have now to deal with some consequences, like a problem with my prostate gland for example. Health is the main reason why I became interested in body things as well.

So, we did two sessions with “Root Coaching”. When we processed my point of view, I was quick to give answers, but when we switched to the body part of the process, I even had difficulties to understand simple instructions. That only shows my lack of experience in this area.

But, we continued, and it is as if a new and untreated area opened up, and some new layers of unconscious were treated.

In my opinion, all methods need to have a justification for their existence, and that justification should be in the fact that they give something new that other methods don’t. Certainly, “Root Coaching” opened one of my “blind spots”, which is running away from processing that concerns the body, got me to recognize it, and that alone is a great benefit.

The sessions were really beneficial, and I had a number of cognitions, and I definitely want to learn more and keep using it. ...


To be continued


ROOT HEALING  is a new, very effective MULTILEVEL RELEASE RUNDOWN, freeing the blockages in your body, your energy-body, your emotional body and your mental body. It works. Always.


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