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Problems and Bad Mood are 'ROOT HEALING Food'



If we work together, we are fully dedicated to solve your problem and help you to change your life, so that you have a good, happy life again - resp. can work successfully toward your goal(s) again.

You will get the best individual care possible. A ROOT HEALING Coach works only with a few handpicked people a week.

If you are dedicated to really make a change to your life, please contact me.

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All sessions and seminars are
done over Skype

Pricing see below

Before your first session,
please read this here

Free Interview Free no obligation initial interview to the new clients, where we discuss the areas you may want to address and assess appropriateness of my set of tools for achieving the desired result. The interview will also present opportunity for us to get to know each other, and help you to decide if you would like to work with me further.
Pricing (in USD)  
We price per session - a session normally lasts from between 45 to 90 min.

To handle the core problem of a person needs between 3 and 5 ROOT HEALING sessions.

Price per session:  

$ 80.-
Limited Special Offer: $ 40.- per session (valid for 5 sessions paid together)
  The next 10 persons will be given the very special price of USD 40.- per session (valid for 5 sessions).
(If you read this here - the offer is still valid).
Price for ROOT HEALING Students: 3 (months) x 75$ = 225$ for a total of 10 sessions/teaching units.
Includes ROOT HEALING Work Book
  If you want to learn ROOT HEALING to use it on yourself and other people (provisionary ROOT HEALING Certificate):

this gives you a total of 10 sessions/teaching units which can be spread over 3 months. You will have your core problem handled like in ordinary sessions plus you learn how to work with yourself and other people.
Limited Offer: Free Sessions
You can at the moment have Free Sessions if you give us permission to record the session and use it for teaching purposes.
As we do not ask for stories or any details in sessions, your private life will not be exposed.
Limited Offer: Free Sessions in exchange for translation work
We need translations to be done from English into German and Spanish. Please get in contact with us if you can help.
Money Back Guaranty:
Should you have the feeling - after the 3rd session - that this does not bring you anything, you can ask to get your money back. You will get it back immediately with no questions asked. (Never happened so far).








ROOT HEALING System is the best system for you to learn to work with yourself and with persons who are new to this kind of work.

While it is a pretty easy technique which can be learned within a few weeks - but up to the point of using it professionally and making good money with it -  this technique requires total sincerity from your side:

You can not do it like a 'job'. You must be fundamentally interested in helping others and NOT do it mainly for the money.
Otherwise you will not be successful.

If at this time you still have many blockages yourself, it is not yet the time to do it for money. You CAN make the certificate as a ROOT HEALING Coach (provisional) and then be your own coach and work with yourself and a few friends first.

You will have the ROOT HEALING Work Book which you can study and you will have online support if you get into any difficulty or if you have questions.

Then, when you feel comfortable giving sessions,
you take the Seminar to become a permanent certified, professional ROOT HEALING

Working with others with the ROOT HEALING System will ALSO at the same time discharge more and more  blockages on yourself, so that you will become more and more free and aware and able and become a better and better Coach.

It's a win win situation.

If you are interested, please ask.


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