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This is not to tell you what you should think.
This is simply my own reality about life.
Working with people I came to the conclusion that some of them do need some guidance. And that is what it is: a proposed guidance.
Check it out for yourself.

What is this all about?
Life and everything else that exists – is an illusion.
The illusion is real.

How can we change life and everything else?
By knowing we can.
This is also called Magic.

Who am I ?
You – me – everyone is obviously a POTENTIALITY.
We are not ‘this’ or ‘that’.
We create ourselves (from higher above) and are unlimited while
being in a limited body.

Are we all one?
We are in a dual universe, so the answer is YES – and NO.
BOTH is true at the same time - depending from where you look !

What is the Basic Basic behind Life and everything else?
Soul Energy and Spirit Energy.
We also call it: Volition (will/intention) and Awareness
and on a lower level: Heart and Head

What is everything constructed of?
(The Creation, Life and our own Mind?)
Intention and awareness are using a set of Basic Urges and combinations of them.
The Basic Urges are set up as pairs of POLARITIES.
Half of them are divisions of the Soul side, half of the Spirit side.
Example: Love-Freedom (Love= Soul side, Freedom = Spirit side).

What is Case ?
The non optimal, non logical way someone is feeling, thinking and acting, harming himself and/or others (directly or indirectly) by doing so.
Case is a 'Havingness' (something one can feel and therefore 'have').
It is a substitute for the real connection to 'Volition'.

Limitation is 'Case'.

What does Case consist of?
Imbalanced Polarities which are stuck in Thoughts, Emotions, Efforts and Trapped Energies.
Basically it is an imbalance between Soul and Spirit - Communality and Individuation,
Heart and Head etc.

How can we erase Case ?
By seeing, feeling and accepting what IS

What does that mean in Life ?
Taking responsibility for your own situation.
Responsibility does not mean ‘being made guilty’.
It means that one can see that the situation one is in has been caused by oneself (directly or indirectly).
In a conflict BOTH parties are responsible.

What am I here for – what am I meant to do in Life?
You have decided yourself what you want to do in this life.
Many have forgotten it.
They have to rediscover their true goals.

Note: Case is mostly subconscious. Most people DO NEED help in erasing their case and rediscovering their true goals - at least in the beginning.

What is Case seemingly good for ?
Case is there because you use it to make yourself right and others wrong (avoiding  responsibility).
Example: “I am good for nothing”- equal I don’t have to try, nobody can blame me for not succeeding or even not doing anything…

Why should we not judge?
Judging collapses the flow of life into particles.
This kills life.
Seeing what is: “I cannot understand him here” = the life flow between you and him can go on.
Judging: “He is an idiot” = the life flow between you and him stops. You made him into a dead particle (named “idiot”).

The worst is: if you judge others – you will judge yourself too.
And kill your own flow of life.

Why is it important to work on one’s Goals?
Because otherwise you are lost in routines (equal half dead) or even ‘introverted’ (dividing yourself further).
You are here to create something that is useful for yourself and others.

But what if I am only interested in my own Spiritual Development?
On the highest level we are all one – so work with yourself in others too. You will immensely profit from it.





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