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Please read this before your first session:

- try to get the best possible Internet Connection you can.
  If you use a WiFi Modem - see that you are positioned as close as
  possible. Shut down all programs you do not need on the

- if possible have a pair of earphones with a
   microphone ready.  Sometimes there is an interference-noise
   in line when  working with loudspeakers. If you do need to  
   use the loudspeakers, turn the volume down as much as

- you need to have a webcam

- do not take any alcohol on this day before the session

- do not come with a hangover from the night before

- do not take any medical psycho drugs, no anti-depressants,
  no tranquilizers or pain killers 3 days before if at all possible,
  no street drugs for at least 3 weeks before the session *

- be well rested, not tired

- not hungry

- have some drinking water ready

- shut down your phone and

- make sure you are alone in the room, you have the doors
  closed and will not be disturbed

- reserve enough time, don't have someone waiting for you

- and don't schedule something very important right after 
  the session, so that you can have all the attention on the
  session and relax afterwards (enjoy your new state!).

Do not 'try to explain' your session to a friend and expect him to understand why it had been important for you. It was important for you because you could get rid of some of your charge. He can not get rid of his charge only by you explaining him your session.
He needs a session for himself to better understand.

I am just mentioning this here, so that you do not invalidate what the session was for you when someone else can not understand you fully.

* If you want to understand better what the function of DRUGS are and
   why we need to be drug-free for a session, then please read this here:


In the session I do release charge for you through me - I can feel it leaving the body.
I will sometimes feel your charge better than you - because I am used to this.
I can do this because on the level we work there is no place and time - so there is indeed no distance between us - even if you are far far away.

When I can feel your charge and release it I might pause for a moment and seemingly do nothing - I might even have my eyes closed. Please understand that in working with me this is part of the process of discharging the charge.  Be patient and don't worry: I am not sleeping in session :-)

Thank you !

If you do not show up at the appointed time, I will wait for 15 minutes but not longer. After this I will not be available anymore and you need to make a new appointment with me.